Premature Fire Damage

I noticed something while playing my gunslinger that doesn’t happen when I play my other classes. Sometimes when I rez in 3v3 the fire will damage me while I run out even when I’m already clicking to leave as soon as I rez.

This has only been experienced on gunslinger out of three total classes. Has anyone else noticed this? It might be a lag issue but again, it’s only been on my gunslinger.

When you spawn you gain all immunity, the immunity wears off after a short time.
Said immunity also goes puff the moment you cast an ability, without the immunity you start taking fire damage.
Gunslingers weapon swap is considered an ability in that aspect, the moment you swap weapons, it will go away and you will start taking damage from both the fire and the enemies. This is what I think happens here.

if you spawn and use an ability OR swap weapon you lose immunity and start taking dmg

Lag, I’ve been burn before on all classes I played PVP with

Ooooh. It’s definitely because I’ve swapped weapons in spawn before. This makes sense why it’s only been my GS.