Premium Ark Pass

After reaching item level 1390 f2p I decide to buy the premium ark pass figuring that for $25 in my country I would be able to get to Argos phase 3. It was, a huge disappointment and I will never again spend any money on the game with such low returns. I know I am not the fastest or best player in the game, but you would like to think that putting hard earned money into a pay-to-win game would actually get you somewhere. The sad part is, I feel like I got fairly lucky with my upgrades, 3 out of the 6 were 1 tapped, 2 were 2 and 3 tapped. So im just not sure the game is designed to be playing by normal people. It just feels like a money sink with very little return. If other players or the game itself has a way for me to get a higher item level faster than playing my 4 t3 alts and farming chaos dungeons for more materials when it done, id love to hear it. But as it stands there is never any reason for me to EVER put another penny into the game. I have over 580 hours played and you would think I could make it to the end of the content that has released with that much playtime. If im expected to play another 600 hours to get to argos phase 3, how much longer will it take me to get to 1415 for valtan? 1200 more hours? since the materials needed are higher and rates for honing reduced. Im just not sure the company know how bad it can be for people, or just doesnt care. Sorry for the rant, but after spending money on a game, you would like to think you could finish it.

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Booo-hooo, you had plenty of videos that show what exact rewards you received once you’ve acquired the Premium Pass, it’s your own fault not doing research


That’s the good ol f2p model. I bet most people that put money into f2p games end up paying more for these games than they do for regular games. I have seen many saying they have spent hundreds and some say thousands. Go back X amount of years before this f2p bs became common and tell those very people they would one day spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to play a single video game (remember, you’d be telling them this when the only thing they knew would be games for a one time fee of 50-60 bucks) and they’d just laugh at you. Then tell them they’d be doing that not only in just a lone game but that the game would actually be free to play and they’d piss themselves laughing at you.

I kind of want to shake the hand of the person(s) that came up with this model that preys on the behaviour patterns of many humans…and then kick them in the junk.

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People have reached 1400 over a month ago as F2P, you’re playing the game wrong


I started very late, also how does that help me at all, I asked what I can do to push harder, but you said nothing. I complete dailies each day, weeklies and all cube/boss rushes I get on all my characters, I also run at least 3 hours of chaos a day after everything is finished. I also do the events. Am I missing something?

no you arent missing anything other than doing market shenanigans or spending money, its just the way it is

That just feels worse than every other MMO out there, at least when you grind in those games you can get loot/gear or upgrades with more time invested. The artificial limitation of content is very odd, its like a mobile game in that way.

so you start “very late” but expect to be on the same level as people who have been grinding since day 1 ? Thats not really how mmorpgs work, maybe set yourself more realistic expectations.

That aside to your OP: I think its a good thing that you cant p2w with 25$, most people who pushed to 1400+ with money had to spend thousands of dollars to get there and thats good.

Why its good? because if you could do it for 25$ it would be considered a mandatory thing that everyone has to do. People wouldnt accept players who didnt pay the 25$ to get a small advantage in their groups. Its only 25 right? everyone can afford it.
And thats when the game would really become p2w.


I dont expect to be on the same level, but 1400 isnt the same level, a large part of the community is already valtan ready, im just talking about p3 argos 1 month after release. I dont think im “asking” for too much. I am fine with honing rates and such, but not being able to get more materials is the real problem

You basically have to accept the fact that it takes time. You don’t need money, you need patience. Btw the premium pass is huge value even if it doesn’t provide you instant gratification of taking you where you want to be. If you haven’t done that. Completing South Vern will net you some mats. There’s also a dungeon similar to chaos dung there that will give you currency for a weekly(if i am not mistaken) shop that has mats. Make sure you buy out PvP vendor, Ship vendor, Guild vendor and Event vendor each week.

I have done south vern, but there are basically 0 leapstones, which is the biggest hurdle these days, I guess I should pvp even if im terrible for more mats, I just hate pvp with a passion

Also if you have 5 pieces of Argos set you can disenchant bloods and the oreha gear tokens for leapies.

I should have my 5 piece next week, so that should help, thanks

People will tell you that you played the game wrong. Lol.

I read the comments after typing this and i was right lol.

I was nice of Faytan to offer advice, the others are just trolls.

There’s no wrong way to play a game, there is always a more optimal way and if thats what you’re interested in doing I’d advise looking online, there are lots of resources available.

If playing fresh content as it releases is something thats important to you, its definitely doable f2p, even if it is a little sweaty. Being newer to the game you might not make it this time but once you’re caught up, the way the system is designed eventually the difference between you and players who started day one will be unnoticeable.

If not just have fun and play however you like and don’t worry about the min maxers telling you that you’re doing it all wrong.

Full disclosure I’m a bit of a min maxer, so I’m not insulting those people either, just the ones who like to tell people they’re wrong for not doing it their way. Lol

The Ark Pass needs more levels. Hit 30 today. It needs at least 100 levels.