Preordained Diligence is very disappointing and not very fluid


I am a bard main. However, after finally getting some of my DPS alts into full Argos gear aka Preordained Diligence I am super disappointed with the flow of the armor set.

Especially when it comes to working together with adrenaline. I can keep the adrenaline buff active from continuing to attack/use abilities, but the Preordained Diligence buff is all over the place taking time to charge and not being able to refresh the buff when it’s active really makes for a rough feeling when trying to build up a proper flow.

I am feeling defeated a bit because I worked so hard to get up to this level with my alts and in it will take months until they can get out of this armor set.

I am really not looking forward to using this armor set on 4 alts for the next two months. It just does not feel good or fluid to play with it.

Thank you for your feedback regarding this, MrHappy.

I’ll send it over to the development team.

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Thank you very much!

You can try going 2p preordained 2p harsh oath, that way you can keep crit% and critdmg buff constantly, not sure if it will give you as good dps as full 5p though.

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You get used to the set. It didn’t always go well with my igniter too since you get kinda forced using igniter as soon as you the the set proc but no worries, first of all even if you mismatch your buffs and don’t have them up the same time it is still a good buff for your character. Also you will use this set too long since relic sets outshine the Argos set anyway

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True, but still it will take months for my 4 DPS toons to get out into relic lol.

Not a problem.

You can’t have both effects. The tooltip says something about only having one active. Don’t do this or you get no set bonus :open_mouth:

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If you don’t like it go for 2p argos and rest valtan/vykas gear

Won’t be able to use relic for a couple months on alts

You said that already

It didn’t look like you had read the whole post since you advised me to use relic gear when it’s not available to me.

Valtan and vykas normal do drop mats for leg armor

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Sweet thank you for the tips

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