Preparing for Artist

Hey all. Just as many others, i plan to play Artist.
I need a character slot for it, but also wanna save the name, that i already got on an existing character (the one i wanna delete).
can i delete character instantly, when Artist arrive, or does it take time for the game to delete a character? if so, how long?

Thanks in advance

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24hours afaik

If you create character and don’t level it up to 10lvl, then you can delete said character instantly and you will be also able to reuse that name instantly. If you level up to 10lvl (and you do if you select advanced class) then you need to wait 24h after marking character for deletion before you can actually do it. However, this will only free up slot, not the name - that takes about 90 days, as they reserve the ability to restore characters for that long, so name must be kept reserved.

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So, if i already have a character with the name, i own that name for 90 days, after deleting the character?

Yeah, but I don’t know if they will release that name exactly 90 days after you delete your character - players have no control over this. It is likely that someone else will snag it from you once they make it available. Better to not level up that character if you want to reserve names and use them for Artist. Besides, 90 days is too long anyway for purpose of reserving names.

i already have a bard ilvl 840 ish. so ill just delete this, and make a Artist.

If a GM could confirme, that i keep the name for 90 days, or for how ever long it is. untill then ill save my Bard with the name

Heya @Jinxed02, I have moved your post to our Game Support section for better assistance.

Hello there everyone! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to confirm that what @staryimoze has shared is correct, except the cooldown of the name, if your character is deleted and it’s level 10 or higher it takes 60 days for it to be usable again.

Also keep in mind that after the 60 days the name will be available to everyone in the server, not just for you, there is really no way to reserve it just for your after the deletion of the character.

Let me know if you have any further questions, I’ll be happy to help!


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so if i delete my character now, i wont be able to use my character name fore 60 days on a new character?

Hi @Jinxed02,

As long as the character is level 10 or higher then yes, you are correct! :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask any other questions!


A little follow up question:

If you can restore characters - can you guys delete that backup file of the character so the name is useable again right away?
Cause i leveled my Alt that was supposed to be my Artist-Name-Saver in order to make a Solas run with him and wont be able to re-use it on artist release even if i delete him right know (orin 24h)


Hi @Aetas,

Unfortunately we are unable to bypass the restriction :frowning:

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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Name change ticket should free up the name instantly if you are willing to pay a bit.

You will have to PURCHASE a name change ticket and CHANGE the name of the character holding your desired name for the name to not get locked for 90 days. I did the same thing and was able to create the desired name on a new level 1 character. Just make sure you rapidly as fast as you can make the new level 1 char to hold the ign so someone doesn’t magically somehow snipe and steal the ign.

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If the character is lvl 10 or under, deleting it will instantly free up the name.

If the character is higher than lvl 10, the name won’t be available for 60 days after deletion.

Using a name change ticket will instantly free up the previous name.