Preset bug fixed tomorrow?

For the presets that could not be loaded, will they be corrected tomorrow ?


Please says yes @Roxx

I want to create my destroyer but I can’t because the presets are not working and showing up as “invalid”

i really hope so, really annoying to not be able to use any

Gonna keep reply on this topic of posts since I’ve been saving all thos pretty presets for new hair now they are all gone I am Madge

Yes please!!!

bump every post like this

20+ presets I was saving got deleted

yooooooooo same

They didn’t mention it so quess no I’m literally crying, I was waiting for this day to change my bard cuz I didn’t make her properly at the beginning because I was hurrying to play with my friend and she got so ugly but I was like whatever I’m gonna change her as soon as we get the new hairs and I bought an appearance change already weeks ago and I was preparing for, making my preset perfect, saving it and changing a bit everyday to make it perfect but there is no way I can make the exact same preset again :sneezing_face::sneezing_face::sob::sob::sob:
And God knows when they are gonna fix it :sob:

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@Roxx We need an answer please !

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That is really sad and that is my experience as well… @Roxx Roxx please… We didn’t have this bug mentioned in patch notes