Previous month rewards dissapeared and weren't complete

Hello my past month rewards weren’t and with the extension metioned in weekly patch notes i was able to complete them but today idk why it has disappered from the game? does anyone happen the same? can amazon or smilegate say why isn’t happening the same as the stated in patch notes? thanks for the help

  • Added an additional track for 5 days of new login rewards. You can continue earning the previous month’s rewards in addition to these new rewards, so players who may have been impacted by recent queues will have some extra time to claim their goodies.

Same thing happened to me. Was meant to get my LED glasses today but the tab for last months rewards just seemst to have dissappared.

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Same with me

hope any cm see this and can make something :frowning: as it’s not ad patch notes were saying

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Im on the same boat, didnt get all the rewards even tho i could since i logged all days and i was expecting to get all of them when i completed both tabs.

Why they quit the rewards when it wasnt ad on the patch notes.

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Today (6/18) was going to be last day to get the led glasses and i had 24 days of log in and its gone?? Why, it was till 6/18 and now its gone…? No help from the Amazon support.

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Well last day was supposed to be 16 of june but patch notes stated that you can claim both 5day extension an normal ones if there were some missing days. Idk quite strange what they’ve done removing as i could claim reward on 17 of june

Same Here 2 days gone :frowning:

Same problem here. Glad to see it’s not just me.

“You can continue earning the previous month’s rewards in addition to these new rewards” - [Insert: So That Was a Lie meme here]

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Also having this issue seems the extended login rewards ended early @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

I made here account and ticket for the lost ark support. If you have same problem, please make support ticket for it, so amazon can and will fix it.

hope they can read and do something :grimacing:

Same here. I just assumed that they found it to be far to advantageous for players to be able to claim 2x login rewards per day.


No answer to my ticket, hope this get fixed soon.

Is there nobody in the dev team reading these threads? There are quite a few on this topic now. It’s one thing to loose a few days of rewards, but people are genuinely confused with the patch note claiming the exact opposite. Is this a bug or a conscious decision to remove the rewards?

Just saw this! Will let the team know!


Appreciate this getting acknowledged at least!

There was another post about this earlier. I was quite disappointed as well… my LED glasses… ;(

Thx! I need my funky shades!

please have this fixed, I was 1 item away from claiming everything