Previous Tier Mats Usage

We need a productive way of using previous tier honing mats on characters. The fact that we cannot do ANYTHING with bound mats from previous tiers, bar selling them for silver is asinine, and greedy.

Players shouldn’t have to run excel spreadsheets to be resource efficient. Sometimes you end up with tens of thousands of shards from previous tiers on a character - and these are now effectively totally worthless. Sometimes players accidentally open the wrong chest on the wrong character. These things we spend hours acquiring shouldn’t become absolutely worthless.

I would propose we have some way of recycling honing mats: e.g. being able to trade bound mats for roster-bound mats at a 3 for 1 price or something, or being able to trade them for bound engravings, or SOMETHING. I have 141k life shards on my main and nothing to do with them.

Would love to hear some thoughts from staff on this, this topic has been brought up several times and never gets traction.


Yes please!
You should be able to store all bound items, especially honing mats, in roster storage to share these with your alts. It just feels bad if you get honing mats an alt could use but you can‘t do anything with it…

+1 on this

or even a way to use them in Stronghold crafting if they don’t want them directly passed between alts, maybe as an optional added material that increases the “great success” opportunity

Yeah, I don’t really mind what it is, we just need SOME way of using them!

I’m yet to hear a good reason as to why there even is such a thing as “character bound” in a game that mostly revolves around roster progression and encourages use of alts, other than artificially slowing people down. In my opinion everything that can not be traded on the market / auction house should be roster-bound.

EDIT: Excluding gear. I can see why gear shouldn’t be just sent around willy nilly on every alt you want it on.

easier to money grab if you make everything character bound.