Price are going up like crazy,thounsand of bot again,AGS?Hello?are you here?PERMABAN who buy from bot,no more mercy

Thousand of bot are coming again on low level city,some of them punika too,price are going up like a sky rocket. Stop giving people more mercy if the buy gold from bot, permaban every single of them,as f2p im disguting about the actually situation. Again book,crystal,mats are going up like crazy. Please AGS stop giving people mercy,permaban every single people who buy 1 gold or thousand,no more mercy.


perma ban all? even those that sold item on AH and “accidentaly” get rmt gold??


cool, maybe i can actually make gold again.

Well tbf they don’t really care about that.

In my guild i have someone that RMTed for more than 200K, but he put more than 3K€ per steam, so they don’t do anything.

They tell us rules on this forum, but they don’t have the power to apply it in game, same thing with the dps meter.

3 people of my guild using it PERMA, they’re safe.

its a shame.

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Ok i sell a Gem and a RMT/Bot buy it so i get banned bc a Bot RMT’er buyed my gem for normal price?

No one care, it bring even more gold for paying customers anyway.

im talking about people who buy gold from external source.

Yes and they buy it sometimes with the AH System. They put a Gem in AH and a RMT seller buy it.

These are those dumb comments i see on forums and they always make me laugh very much.

Think about it, the game is Free to Play, you perm ban an RMTer guess what they will do. If they really like this game, they will just create a new acc and this time around they will make sure they are much more careful when they RMTer.

The solution that’s needed is to make gold and blue crystal prices way more competitive in the Mari’s shop exchange. Imagine if both mari’s shop and G2G were selling 20k gold for $10. Would anyone ever buy on G2G? No unless they are really really really stupid.

But i guess people go to G2G because they see the value which mari’s exchange shop is lacking.

Perma bans on a f2p game don’t stop anything unless the RMTer can’t be bothered to create a new acc



The prices will keep going down!

Are you talking about pots consumables? Maybe since AGS finally stop giving away free consumables every week.

what server and region is this? i want my friends to buy some grudge books?

NA-W Valtan

Got to keep the delusion up that the game is healthy and have xxx numbers of players. :rofl:

And then people complaining because 95 blue crystals cost 6~7k gold?

keen blunt and adrenaline are 5k too in your server wtf? Is it not a popular region or what?

It’s witch hunter season again

It is a popular region just Punika Pass and access to thronespire killing the market. A legit 1370 deathblade can clear it easy.

I don’t know about the pricing going up. Is it going up in your region?

keen blunt, adrenaline both lowest at 7.5k gold and Grudge lowest 10k


yes LMAO 9k since thronespire release to 13k now in euc and even class engravings like rage hammer, 3.5k straight to 6k today, im so annoyed abt that lmao