Price of Royal crystal should be i. Gold using RMT price

One website sells 1.2m gold for $1200USD.

So $1 = 1000 gold

AGS sells 12000 RC for $100 USD

Cheapest RC to BC atm is 5500 RC to 2600 BC

$100USD = 100,000 gold

12000RC = ~5673bC

100,000G = 5673 BC

100BC = ~1763Gold

100blue crystal would be roughly about 1800gold.

If yiu have to sell RC to make gold through currency exchange dont sell less than 1800 gold per 100 blue crystals. Calculation was used with cheapest RC to BC converaion so avg translation should be around 2000G.

The problem here is the website will drop to .70c = 1000 gold

Then AGS matches it, it goes to .50 = 1000g

Then .25 = 1000g

Until the value of gold is 0 and buying a green potion costs you 100k

I agree the Shop is incredibly overpriced, but you aren’t going to win a price war against the bots right now.

don’t forget to adjust raid gold accordingly we want double triplle and 10x drops to keep playing this nonsense

Did you come up with this while drunk?

before you posted this utter ************, did you stop and think for even 1s what you are saying ? do you understand the implications of this implementation ? or are you just that clueless ?

According to you AGS should implement pure pay to win straight out for a lack of solution to combat botting !!! that is your brilliant strategy !!! wooooow.

Purpose of the post is, if you are selling RC dont sell below 2000, but if you are buyi g then buy it below 2000. Because evenially price will go up to 2000 very soon since there is no plausible measure against RMT.

Yep thats the probable out come. AGS wont act until inflation is out of control