Price of silver in PvP Vendor

Excuse me?


Yep, i just got baited and bought it without checking, because i had TONS of coins and i just wanted all the mats, i was like SURELY i can afford everything.

2 coins later… Wait Wtf bro?

20k silver sure is worth 10 hours in pvp OMEGALUL

I hope that this is just a mistake! I mean you get more silver for 1k gold… that sounds fishy

Even if its a mistake, our coins are gone, i have absolutely 0 faith in AGS that well get any refund of them if its a mistake, and totally blame myself for not watching out for the game inconsistencies.

Get fked basically

Do u get those in all 3 modes of pvp??

I’m afraid I have to agree with you, I’m still waiting (like probably many) for compensation for the matchmaking problems at the beginning. But usually you only make a mistake like that once :wink:

I also had my experiences with the game inconsistencies.

Im sure this is a mistake if you compare it to the other prices

So if its a mistake we should receive our coins back right? Right?

‘inhales dope cope blunt’

The disrespect from the devs is so damn funny. Like how does this exchange make any sense?

Wait i just noticed… weekly roster limit 50/50 as well xD so you need 250000 coins to max that out. In a week

( For the un informed you get 120, per win.)


Is the same price as Korea and RU so not a mistake

They literally love to starve players of silver. Oh you want some more silver? Here’s a measly 70k of doing Lopang dailies on your t3 alt, oh thanks! Doesn’t even cost half the silver requirement to transfer gear.

If this is true, then clearly they don’t intend pvp vendor to be a source of silver. That’s fine.

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Its just an “infinite” item for when you buy out the rest of the shop (which will absolutely happen if you mainly pvp).

Then why have that trap purchase to begin with? 5000 coins for 20k silver?

Thats over 40 pvp matches WINS. for 20k silver

Its a good deal. Coins are easy to get.

Not exactly a trap if you read. You can’t just buy it blind and blame them for tricking you. It’s likely for dumping your pvp currency if you pvp so much that you have nothing else left to buy.

there you go.

Inconsistent because 40 pvp wins is not consistent to 20k silver in terms of rewards.

:laughing: Biggest laugh ever, hopefully a bug

You get coins depending on your level at the end of the week too.

And yes, the price is absurd