Price out the bots gg ez

Match the prices 1 to 1 of the resources for crystals vs gold price open market cost for crystals in marishop and no one will have a reason to RMT. Just take their buisness and the bots disapear.

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Cant say i argue, literally pushing them out of the market!

Buy non legit gold and get banned and worse, or buy legit gold in game for the SAME PRICE, i know what i would do.


WoW Token route?

I wish they would do this as I am sitting on 9000 royal crystals and I am needing blue crystals soon…kinda annoying if I want to play by the rules I spend 3x more than someone who RMTs.

Little reminder that

Price of gold is controled by Player ags has no say in it


Price of gold is controlled by players but its easy to track and if the marishop was responsive to it the RMT would be pointless.

competing would probably drop their bottom line, not worth it just to clear bots

I disagree, that’s capitalism. walmart makes way more money than gucci. Its a race to the bottom but it destoys the black market. then you release new content and its all in house. Gotta think a couple months ahead.

the problem is the greed that most game studios have developed over the years…

why do skins need to cost 25-50 (or even more) bucks when most of them have comperatively low production-cost and there is NO physical shortage or upkeep once they are created.

yeah sure, there will always be whales and of course 1 whale is worth more than like at least 1k players.
but if companies would just reduce the greed a bit, sell stuff for a price that more people feel comfy spending money on, everybody would win…

same concept applies to RMT… its only so tempting for so many people because it provides soooo much more value than the legit ways.


You ever thought about coding your own game for us to enjoy? Your level of mastery of the gaming industry leads me to believe you are the chosen one to give us all the best gaming has to offer. Do us proud.

Nice way of thinking I mean currently it’s more beneficial to RMT than official way… the ratio is almost 1:3
But if it’s 1:1 then royal crystals is preferably…
There are some cosmetics that only purchaseable with royal crystals but honing wise … well you know :thinking:

it would be interesting if they just undercut everyone but gold just wouldn’t be worth shit

huh, there is some huge misunderstanding what “open market” means :slight_smile: this game being 18+ makes me really worry

In the long run once we have enough inflation bots will be priced out but it will take a long time to get there. When our blue crystal prices match Korea’s at 2000+ gold for 100 (95) blue crystals bots would basically not be able to compete unless they significantly lowered RMT prices or operated at a loss.

The only way for us to reach this state though is if we have enough gold income that 2000 gold for blue crystals is reasonable. The average player would need to be able to bring in around 70-100k gold per week.

Flag them for pvp…let us handle it.

you don’t understand a bit do you?

Bots will be able to always compete. And yes, they DO set a price to match the substitute - risk. They are extremely profitable right now. They will do it for 1/10th of the price and be profitable for people running them for business.

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That’s kinda what the exchange is. The thing is there’s an additional step flushing 2 different types of currencies through the system.

So instead of Money —> Gold

You get…
Money —> Royals —> Gold
Gold —> Blue Crystals

I’m pretty sure they won’t. Even if there were say 1 million bots making 1000 gold a week for 1 billion gold a week, if 100k players each make 100k gold a week that is already 10x (10 billion) the amount of gold bots can make in one week. At that point there is almost no reason to keep selling botted gold as it would be too inefficient and profit margins would be non-existent or extremely small to be worth much without tons of people buying bot gold.

The point is that in the long term the gold bots make is such a small amount even with a million bots, when compared to the amount of gold that actual players can make, that it would very much not be worth botting.

you are basing numbers on … what exactly? 1k gold they make in 1h or less, that’s kinda the point. But it doesn’t matter “in long term”.

In long term what really matters is time. That’s the only commodity in life. And “rich people” (most of those having time to play games) will always value their time more then thound of automatons doing anything required 24/7. So people will always pay.

The only threshold here is the substitute the bots can be doing. So either other games, so simply electricity bill for cryptomining. And as said, current prices are way, way above that. The amount of value generated each day is enormous, even for players, let alone bots. So far they are on the winning side of this battle.

i suppose bots do make a lot more gold as players … jsut through masses …
Maybe the usual player makes who knows 20k a week.
And a bot 1k a week… But for every players they log through 100s of bots every day.