Prices for Royal Crystals in SA servers are too high

NA Price: 12,000 Royal Crystals - USD 99
Minimum wage in USA - around 1160 USD

SA Price: 12,000 Royal Crystals - BRL 556,99
Minimum wage in Brazil(where SA servers are located) - 1212 BRL

Prices are not compatible with the region. Games on steam are usually cheaper for our region, monthly fee for wow (15 USD) is around 29 BRL to 34 BRL.

You can´t convert the cost in USD to BRL according to the exchange value, its not something the region can afford, it costs more than half of the minimum wage in my region to get 12,000 royal Crystals.

If you make prices more accessible to demographic you are trying to reach, I’m sure you will get better results.


Most like won’t happen , I feel you though

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It’s very unfortunate but this topic was raised multiple times before and CM’s said they would pass on the feedback. Apparently, people are exploiting price differences of the prices were regionalised.

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