Prices in Brazil

Before and after launch, the 100usd packs and ingame crystals were 566BRL, which is fine since the dollar was 1usd=5.7BRL but now 1usd=4.6BRL and the prices are still 566 when they should be 466 for us in Brazil. Or at least charge us in USD. Not paying way more than all other places.


They seem to be ignoring those questions in the past few days. And we did not get any aswers from them when they said they were going to ask the monetization team.

Maybe you guys could update us @Roxx @Seawolf

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At some point when I was playing heartstone the dollar took a nosedive and people from the US started paying 20% less for their packs than us in EU. This situation lasted years and is maybe still going.
I made a post with conversion rates and asked where I could buy the packs in dollars and it got deleted by Blizzard mods in a few minutes in a forum full of trollposts.

From my experience nothing will ever be done because people don’t understand conversion rates so they don’t complain and it’s a nice boost of income. They will only do something if the exchange rate doesn’t favour them.

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