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Hello, i’m opening this topic about current Cash shop prices for Lost ark itens.
More about the SA region. I’m from Brazil and i’m not sure about the others country on the region but the cash shop prices right now are way too expensive.

The 30 Day Cristaline aura for example, is right now at 56R$, if you compare to WOW montly sub is right now at 32R$.
But if we compare those prices on NA
Cristaline Arua 9USD
If you just converst USD to R$ we are paying in USD for the lost ark cash shop.

We do have Amazon here on Brazil, since the amazon prime subscription do have a localized price, but why lost ark cash shop is right now just in USD? Maybe you guys could do a research about this, and change the prices based on regions, for us to have to pay in USD for the cash shop is waaaaaay to expensive.

THank you.


I second this, I’m also a Brazilian playing at Arcturus SA server.

Players from Brazil and SA in general are very suportive and passionate about mmos and do want to spend money at cosmetics and essentials in the shop. But right now, prices are not localized and very far from the countrys reality, we would really appreciate if monetization team could dive a little bit in this matter and give us some feedback at some point.

To give everyone just a small perspective, omen skin just got to the shop on todays latest update, costing 2,000 Royal Crystals just the basic skin set, if I would want to buy just the skin, no weapon or mount, I would have to buy the 2,200 Royal Crystals pack for R$113,99. Just to give context, this represents 9,41% of Brazil minimum wage which is R$1212,00 at the moment, almost 10% of minimum wage for just the skin. If I wanted to get the whole skin Special Package I would have to pay R$278,99 which is 1/4 of the minimum wage. Keeping the monetization for SA converting directly from USD as it is will unfortunately push a lot of people away from putting some money on skins or essentials.


They are charging BRL5.5 for each $1

The dolar to BRL conversion is BRL 5 to 1.

Packs are more expensive in Brazil then in the USA, while Brazil have a worse economy.

The 12k gem pack is half our minimun wage already, they shouldnt be charging the dolar more then its worth at least.

Yes, this is what i’m saying is just a direct conversion. What turn people away from spending at all.
I cant just throw a few bucks, here on there, every purchase is just to over the top to the reallyt of the local economy.

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We need regionalized pricing for South America servers

Guys they dont care Local pricing just enjoy f2p when you stuck go and buy new AAA game half of crystal price and enjoy it and just waiting Microsoft WoW with game pass imagine 2$ Microsoft give us tons of game with local price . Amazon not near the players , also TR want to spend money to game but crystal price are insane, avarage wage in Turkey 4.253 Turkish Lira for 12k Crystal ppl must pay 22,68% from their salary. No possible thanks Amazon scammer did bad things but we paying this …

please, @Seawolf @Roxx update us. We need a solution.

Eu adoraria comprar slots para mais alts, no WoW eu tinha todas as classes e raças e versões das mesmas classes com raças diferentes (druidas/shamans por exemplo) devia ter mais de 30 personagens.

Aqui parece que só posso ter 12 personagens ?? não entendi porque essa restrição, já tenho 6 e gostaria de muitos outros. Adoraria comprar quantos slots eu quisesse, mas além dessa restrição sem sentido o preço de cada slot fica em R$45+ CADA PERSONAGEM. Oi ? Parece que serei F2P para sempre nesse game.


Just for update this trens

The dollar now is 4,60

And They are still charging BRL5.6 for each $1

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I would love to buy every character slot in the game, but I will never pay R$44+ for 1 slot. This is insane.

still waiting response @Roxx @Seawolf @Shadow_Fox

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Isn’t most of the stuff anybody would consider purchasing have a blue crystal option?

So people wouldn’t necessary have to pay irl money, but just exchange their gold for blue crystals.

I don’t know about localization, but Lost Ark is extremely expensive compared to other games to the point that it just feels wrong buying royal crystals. I’ve spent about 500$ in 4 months and I already regret it.
Other games I’ve spent money on are Warframe and Red Dead Online and 100$ in those games can literally last me a years. 100$ in Lost Ark is like a few weapon taps…

Not a financial specialist but IMO if they increase the value we get per $ more people will be willing to pay money.

Seconding Warframe. If you can spend $100 - 150 (?) on the highest tier prime access every 3 months, you will have so much more buying power than anything comparable in Lost Ark, and you get double xp + double resources for that 3 month period.

I’ve only bought prime access twice, I wait for -75% off and I get 4k plat
I’m Elite 2 and I don’t even play the game, just log in on major update, buy everything with plat, level up to 30 and alt + f4 until the next update. Have not bought plat in more than a year and I’m still sitting on 5k

They don’t care dude.
They won’t change the price and will not localize the prices. Because by the logic of many, it’s our problem that we live in a shit country with a low currency value.

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