Prime Gaming Loot Not Showing UP

I have claimed the Prime Gaming Loot on Prime Gaming. But have not had any luck seeing it in my Marketplace product inventory. I have double checked that my correct steam account is linked also, and it is. Is there something im misssing?

Have you tried restarting your game, and steam? I had to restart for it to show up in my product inventory.

Ive done both. Its just super weird. My marketplace wasn’t up also at the time i claimed. So idk if there is a bug from that.

I’m having the same issue here - it’s been over 48 hours since I’ve claimed my Prime Loot, connected my accounts via Twitch & PlayLostArk and nothing has appeared in my Product Inventory. Yes, the correct accounts are linked. No, I did not experience issues with Twitch Drops for viewing streams.

My Aura has not increased by 5 days, nor has my amount of Amethyst Shards. Please look into this @Roxx, as Prime Loot for Lost Ark is the only reason I restarted my Amazon Prime subscription. I don’t know if I can get a refund on the yearly subscription if Loot continues to not show up for me. Additionally, the first tier of Prime Loot is only claimable until March 8th, after which I doubt anyone from support will help me (even though I claimed it on March 3rd).

IGN: Enchantress
Server: Azena - US East