Prime Gaming Lost Ark Rewards announced!

“To celebrate the upcoming launch of Amazon Games’ Lost Ark, Prime Gaming will offer exclusive in-game content to Prime members starting in February, including a Battle Pack Item with a Crystaline Aura, Amethyst Shard Pack and Battle Chest Bundle. Play Lost Ark for free starting on February 11 or pick up a Founder’s Pack and begin adventuring early on February 8. Stay tuned for more details soon!”


Nice rewards.

Like it. Hope it will arrive in 2 days.

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What’s the Amethyst Shard Pack (upgrade mat?), and I’m not sure what the battle chest bundle is (maybe battle items and consumables?). It would be nice if we get Crystalline Aura every month alongside some purple pots, twitch prime exclusive skin once a year would be cool as well. Let’s see what we get, can’t wait!

Idk about the Amethyst Shard Pack but the Battle Chest Bundle contains probably consumables.

Btw yeah Skins, Pets and Mounts would be nice every now and then. :smiley:

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Nice bonus! I’ll take anything that’s free / extra

(Epic Games free-games-only subscriber here :clown_face:)

How many days of crystaline aura amazon prime contains?

Maybe a beezos rocket mount

I mean its probably just a 3-7 day aura, RU gave these out in events and other stuff often.