Prime Gaming rewards?

Hello there. It’s less then 24 hours for headstart launch and we still don’t know what exactly are those rewards. Can you please tell us already? :slight_smile:

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Are those rewards you’re talking about?
prime gaming blog

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Amazon Games’ Lost Ark, Prime Gaming will offer exclusive in-game content to Prime members starting in February, including a Battle Pack Item with a Crystalline Aura, Amethyst Shard Pack and Battle Chest Bundle. Play Lost Ark for free starting on February 11 or pick up a Founder’s Pack and begin adventuring early on February 8. Stay tuned for more details soon!

Yea I also want to know when we can get it :smiley:

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Exactly these, but it’s not what I am looking for. For how long this aura lasts, what is inside Battle Pack and Battle Chest Bundle? We don’t know anything.

From what I’ve seen from the videos the aura lasts about 30 days and the battle chest bundle I’m assuming it will be a battle chest of each, since there are these Offense Battle Item Chests, Healing Battle Item Chests and Utility Battle Item Chests (I’m using the founder’s pack description for these chests) the another chest I don’t know what it is, unfortunately I think we’ll only know when it appears to redeem on the site or when it’s in the game

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There were also 1-7 day aura’s in the Russian version. Prime Gaming rewards are usually quite generous though.

so the problem is… you don’t know whether you should resubscribe / buy amazon prime beforehand and nothing else?


at the bottom of the page is a FAQ

  • Kristalline Aura (5 Tage)
  • Amethystsplitter-Paket (500 Splitter)
  • Kampftruhen-Bundle: Kampfgegenstandstruhe der Heilung, Kampfgegenstandstruhe der Nützlichkeit, Kampfgegenstandstruhe der Offensive

Thx a lot sir! This must be new.

Does the aura buff start the second you claim it or only once you’ve logged into the game after claiming it?

Just wondering if people who didn’t buy founders packs should wait until the 11th to click the button on prime.