Prime Time Queue & Premium Account?

Hello Dear Devs and Players !

Can you add a higher login priority for people who buy Aura in the Item Shop ?
Because practically every day from 8/2/22 I am not able to log in before 23:00 …
I think that if someone is buying, they have the status of a premium account, they should also have priority in the form of logging into the server ! Because at the moment I spend more time queuing than playing the game … I won’t mention the fact that people log in remotely and are constantly online 24/7 …

I understand that introducing such an option to the existing “Aura” may be a problem, so I have a question, will you introduce this option for an additional fee in the future ? I will not hide that after work I would like to sit down and relax playing Lost Ark, and not wait in cosmically long queues ! To be able to finally play 1-2 hours after logging in and go to sleep because you have to get up to work in the morning …

Hello @OlympusMons!

I’m sorry to hear about your issues with high queue times affecting your enjoyment of the game and I understand how frustrating this could be. Needless to say, our devs are actively working on a swift solution to this.

Also thanks for the feedback that you are sharing, that’s very important to us. We don;t currently have information regarding if this feature could be considered in the future. But you can also share your feedback and request using this link, if you want: Submit Feedback - Support | Amazon Games

Have a good day.

Hopefully the option above, or increasing the server capacity, or adding the option to transfer your character to another region, will be introduced soon and my frustration will disappear.
Best wishes.