Priority List for Dailies and Weeklies

What does everyone do every day and every week? I used to follow the ‘do whatever is most fun’ mentality, but I’m slowly cutting down on my playtime and looking to maximise my efficiency.

I’m making a priority list for daily and weekly events, any help would be appreciated!

Daily: Frozen sea > Kalthertz > Hypno Eyes (For most GHL)
Weekly: 2x Boss Rush ( For GHL) and 1x Proving Grounds ( For GHL) or 1x Cube ( for Silver)

if you mean the tasks.


Log in 2x a week every 3 days or just 2x on the weekend and use up all your rest bonus on unas dailies (as mentioned above for Ghl) , unas weekly , chaos dungeon, guardian.

Do weekly on that day (raid, una weekly, guardian event etc)

If you have more time you can do Chaos line, anguished island f.e. Or log in 1x a day to do Ghostship, Chaos Gate or field boss for the day.

Takes you a few hours in a week for max egficency

Can you possibly state your playtime specifically so i might be able to help tailor your time efficiently. Like how many toons you have and their classes plus gear score. How many days a week you can play and how many hours you can play a day.

Daily Unas:
For Max Leapstones (takes longer)
Hypnos - Kalthertz - Alakir (or Frozen Sea if your timing is bad)

For Leapstones Quickly
Frozen Sea - Wailing Swamp - Namless Valley

For Silver Quickly
3 Lopang Dailies

Boss Rush (Both if possible)
Proving grounds (If you want to do a little pvp)
Guardian (Quick and free to do)
Cube (If you want to burn some tickets or need silver)
Chaos Dungeon (Last resort for some silver)

If you play under a strictly RESTED schedule, you will gain 66% of the rewards and only need to invest 33% of the time.

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