Priority Queue Sign Up

Can you guys just have a post that all we need to do is put Hours played / Roster Lv. and if its high enough our accounts get put on a priority queue so we can play.

Ill start: 1,276.9 Hours / 156 Roster Lv.


You only have priority if you’re a bot


Very true, or I am sure if you are a top streamer!

They should just give priority queue to players who bought founders pack.



Er… bots are literally on 24/7, they’d have hell of a lot more played time than players.

More and more each day some bots really test the limits of the turing test.

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That is a good idea, i like that one!

its play time + roster, if you have a low roaster with plenty of play time, you are a bot.

Seeing bots with 60+ roster though.

If you are not over 120 roaster then you shouldn’t even get priority … LMAO!

So no-lifers get priority? Pass… :roll_eyes:


They could just priority queue everyone with an account older than 30 days and its GG.

Then they can LOWER the queue limits for young accounts by so much that bots would get blocked and they wouldn’t be able to bypass anything…especially after a ban wave…GL creating those new accounts and getting into a server with a 100 new account server limit :joy:

Gold sellers would just park a ton of accounts to sleep it out

With almost 1300 hours id say a queue jump is the least you need, youre vitamin d level must be in the negative and carpol tunnel is a heavy risk that is if your entire bodies joints havent already completely seized…

“Touch grass” would be a cruel thing to say, their delicate skin would be cut by the blades of grass. :frowning:

GL with that…AGS would only need to do a ban wave twice a month instead of everyday and that would kill any sleepers that wake up.

And if it’s an account that hasn’t been used to farm yet?

That’s what a sleeper account is.

Dont worry, I am vegan so nothing to worry about with me LMAO

I used to think this was a thing because until a week ago I never saw a queue in 3 months playing this game.

Now I get 1k-6k queues depending on the time I try to login.

It kills the “let me log in before work to set my stronghold up for the day” type of play when the wait to get in can be an hour.

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