Prisma Valley Triports/Map reset

I logged on this morning after maintenance was done. Went to Anikka on my main to work on adventure tome stuff. When it came time to clean up Prisma Valley, I tried to triport there, but it wasn’t showing in the dropdown on the map. So I click the portal icon in the Delphi Township map and it tells me I can’t see a map for an area I’ve never been to. I know I cleared Anikka for the first time on my main, so unless the story didn’t take me there, I’ve been there. Had to run there from Delphi, only to see the triports inactive. Maybe I never went there? Then I remembered I had maxed rapport with Sorang by porting right near him. Adventure tome showed 100% triports activated.

I didn’t do much other testing, just went and activated them again, but thought I should bring it up.

The main story doesn’t take you to prisma to my knowledge but using a Powerpass or Knowledge Transfer will mark those triports as completed and activated, as for the Rapport is it possible you maxed it using an alt instead of your main?