Private Custom PVP Matches Needing All 6 Players?

Not sure if this is just in the RU build or not but;

After getting my friends to download and test different classes on the RU build I’ve come to the conclusion that needing all 6 slots in a Private Custom game is annoying.

With many of my friends not used to the top down style of this game and the learning curve of chaining CC’s, escaping, and etc we usually opt to do in house 3 vs 3’s, but having to get a full 6 man group to just mess around and have fun in it’s annoying. I can understand it the custom game was open to the public, but for private matches I think we should be able to start the match with however many players we want.

I believe this will help new people to the game and just overall be a good time.

It was already changed on Korea where you only need at least 1 person in the custom lobby to start the match. It’s just a matter of NA/EU catching up now.

Thanks! That’s good to know.

There’s a big difference in getting your cheeks clapped by randos in pubs than by your friends in a private match

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