Probably an unpopular opinion

The new event is fine, way better than the chickens and the next one to it but I think it would be better if we had to attend the event for about 3 times a week, this way we are forced to go through the content and 3 times a week for the ones the like it is fine because it doesn’t get too repetitive and for the ones who don’t like it, it is also not that bad to repeat only 3 times.

Currently I played it once but there is no motivation to lose time on the event again because I get all the points from chaos dungeons, I believe if it is obligatory but not every day it would feel way better, because it is actually fun it just lacks a reason to even go.

Just go when you want. This shouldn’t even be a mandatory thing. A first experience is all you need for the event and that’s it. You can go to the island and do it on your free time whenever you want. If they restricted event rewards to only the island as the available source for tokens then there would be tons of more people but it’s not like that. Just enjoy the event. There’s no need to participate if you have to feel like your forced to do it. If you like it play it and relax when playing the game to have a good time. Fun is more important in a game than to not have any fun at all. If you don’t want to do the event you can ignore it but still claim rewards by doing daily content. That should be enough for you to get a benefit from the event.


yeah but it stops being an event that people wait for if there is literally no reason to do the content. Is like releasing Valtan but you could get Valtan’s rewards with chaos, then there is no point of having Valtan.

I do get fun from the event only if it matters, is like pvp in any game. I do not find enjoyment in playing LostArk pvp or League of Legends, etc if I play normals, because I do not earn anything, the fact of playing competitive gives me a reason to play a match, same here, if I get the rewards from something that I already have to do (chaos) I do not get enjoyment from the event, but if it was mandatory for a fair amount of times (3 per week ex) then I would have fun going into it.

The event could work but it would have to be very exclusive to the event itself and only to the event. It could work with what you said being it 3 days on a week but it would all have to be done in that island then if that is the case. I imagine it would have to be at the same level as the pvp island participation for slime and media for the gems on tier 3 gem loot. Well with the exception of more flexible time and hours because that pvp time is bad and it needs a buff or change to it but other than that this seems about it.

Yeah, I am focusing on the summer event, to increase its meaning and I know a lot of people that skip it would have fun if doing it mattered and if winning matter even more but at the same time, I don’t want it to be a chore by having to do it daily. Legion Raids work and we have to do them once a week and they matter, something like that.

There’s Adventure Island + Field Boss/Chaos Gate everyday which is a min of 1-2 hrs of playing ig
I don’t need another event timed so I’m playing for 2-3

There’s times when I can full burst grinding, but also have times where I have responsibilities to take care of irl.
Pushing more mandatory timed events is a no go for me

i tried it once, it wasn’t for me

should i be denied honing mats because i don’t enjoy the event?

I do it here and there, not because I need the points but because the little mini-game that is done before “X:06” is fun.

Imagine that.

it lines well with super express event and global buff up to 1370 as it strongly encourages to have alts & by doing chaos dungeons on them you get leaves too

We got a free skin worth the best event right now

If you like the event, just go?

Why force everyone to do it?!?

According to that logic no one should be doing Valtan Hell - all it gives is a title for the 1st time.
Yet ppl are doing it multiple times in other regions…

Hello there. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve seen some great points in this thread!

Thanks for the feedback regarding past, current, and future events in Lost Ark. I understand you would like more of a reward for attending and participating in events. I will forward your feedback to the Development team to review.

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Well hell mode community after 1st clear is less tan .5% of players, my logic works in your example