Probing Goblin Village not completing


When I complete the Probing Goblin Village quest line I cannot “finish” the quest. When I attempt to zone out by running through the blue barrier i just run through and stay in the area. and cannot do anything. I have still have the step “Listen to Elder Baku’s prophecy” in the quest log.

I have not activated any Powerpass and have only played one character up until now. I have tried to abandon and run the quest again but the same thing happens.


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Having the exact same problem.

Have tried escaping, song of escape, teleporting, stronghold song, nothing works, just stuck here

I opened a ticket, but they were unable to fix it right away and were escalating it.

HOWEVER, after the support person ended the chat, I tried going to Trixion and that worked, and when I exited I ended up someplace else, so whatever they did seems to have sort of worked

and maybe not, looks like I can’t triport to that whole part of the map to finish the quest

really should just wait to try everything before posting lol, when I left trixion I was on a different continent. So I triported to a port, got back to Vern, and at the port there it would not let me go back to Parna’s Sanctum. So I tried a different random triport on the continent, it let me go there, then I was able to get to Parna’s Sanctum and hear the prophecy

Today I abounded the quest and restarted and it all worked for me. Finally completed the quest and zone. Still having issues in Vern going between zones. Sometimes I still cannot pass through a border. Seems to be a server issue as I ssee lots of people riding back and forth over the blue barriers.