Problem logging in to the character

hello, I’ve a character on the Neria server. After the update, I have a problem logging in to one character Xarksas. I was doing the daily quest and trying to get in on Tortoyk. I only have a loading screen. Problem persists after multiple reboots. Only one character is affected (Xarksas).

Plz help

Hi @Xarksas :lion:

I hope you’re having a great day and I’m sorry that you experience this issue with your character.

Give me just a moment to check this for you! :sparkles:

@Xarksas I moved your character back to Prideholme but please before opening the game let’s check the Steam files and let me know if it works! :mage:

was nice- I watch’ed Clarkson’s farm on prime :slight_smile: after verifying the files now it’s ok.

Thank you for help!

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You’re more than welcome! :slight_smile:

If you need anything else please let me know! :sparkles:

Safe travels in Arkesia! :world_map: :crossed_swords: