Problem purchasing blue crystal pack

I tried purchasing the weekly crystal pack 4.5k rubies.
First time I clicked it, it gave me an error.
2nd time I clicked gave me same error “Shop busy or something”

Then I realized that it consumed 9k rubies and no blue crystals.

Has anyone gotten this error/bug before, if so is there a fix?
Tried contacting customer support but basically told me they dunno what to do.

Made a ticket of course, but I also have 2 to 3 other tickets made regarding other in game matter that I been ghosted on.

Normally wouldn’t care if its just a nother in game bug but since I spent money on it I wanna see if theres anything I can do to get my 9k rubies back or was I just scammed?


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I bought 12,000 royal crystals. Then I clicked on the 4,500 weekly crystal 5% bonus pack and because I didn’t have enough room in my product inventory, it scammed me by consuming 4,500 royal crystals and gave 0 blue crystals. So I went from 12,000 to 7,500. Once I made more room in my product inventory and tried again, it went through and gave me the blue crystals, but the prior lost royal crystals is still an issue for me.

So you and I have a similar issue, the execution was just a bit different to get there. I hope they compensate us and other players for this asap…

How long has it been since your issue?
I assume this will take weeks if not months to solve.
But curious if theres any other people out there that actually had something solved via CS

It was an issue around the same time you made this post. I contacted support and their “specialist” and devs are investigating it. However, they keep telling me Steam support is responsible for replacing the lost Royal Crystals, but when I tried to reaching out to them via their webpage, there was no direction and it seems they only handle DLC-specific purchases. Once a player uses Royal Crystals to an buy an in-game item, it is no longer a Steam support related issue and redirects the user to Amazon/Smilegate support and resources. Annoying.