Problem redeeming items from Twitch

I’ve been waiting since launch for the items I redeemed from my twitch account, including the items that were obtained by watching the lives.

I never received any items. How can I resolve this? Can I still receive the items?

Hi @Maifir, welcome to our community! :sparkler:

I’m really sorry to hear about the inconvenience with the missing Twitch drops.

Can you please double check if you have the right account linked to Twitch/Steam/Prime gaming. In the case you have the right account please unlink and link back your accounts just to discard possible issues:

Link or Unlink Your Amazon and Steam Accounts

Link or Unlink Your Amazon and Twitch Accounts


After you are done with those steps please relaunch the game and double check your Roster inventory to see if you received the drops.


I did the procedure again. I logged out of all accounts and re-linked. But I didn’t. I have 3 month loot that I never received. On the page it is as collected the items.


I see, thank you so much for the information @Maifir,

In that case please contact our colleagues in the customer support:

They will escalate your issue to the dev team for research to see the next step to follow.
I’m really so sorry about the inconveniences this caused to you.

Have a nice day.