Problem to claim product inventory

i can’t see my product inventory to claim, and i have the Gold founderpack to claim with also my cristalline aura. What can i do? i have 0/50 product, but yesterday i can see all of them, there were 5 product inside. Also shop doesn.t work for me, but my friend on the same server work.

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Hi @PaNdo89 and welcome to our community :man_mage:

I’m so sorry that you’re having an issue with founderpack and shop, we don’t want anything messing with your gameplay experience.

Regarding this issues i inform you that we are already aware of them and this will solve them soon, for the moment just continue playing Lost Ark and you should get your items as soon as possible. Please check the following link for more information:

In-game store and items

Thanks for your patience! :dragon: