Problem whit file... cant install

I downloaded the game a few days ago but when I was going to start installing the power went out, this caused steam to restart and when I opened it again it did an update and only gives me the option to download the game again, when I check the steam folder I see that it weighs almost 100 gb this tells me that I have the downloaded files…

My question is… how do I install the game according to the files that I have already downloaded?

I can make steam recognize them to install directly?

P.S. I can only download at 200kb/s :frowning:

It happened to me when the game was released. I was downloading the game, paused for the night (at 85% :slight_smile: ) and next morning when i wanted to continue, there was a new patch and i had to start again. I could not find any solution to use the already downloaded files and i had to download again.

OMG, well… I hate be poor :rofl:

try to verify the integrity of the files, it will verify what you have, and download again what you are missing. it might help ( not 100% sure, but giving a try won’t hurt)

I have the files downloaded, but steam does not recognize them, it sends me directly to download, it seems silly to me since a folder that normally weighs 1 gb now weighs almost 100gb and even so I have no option to install the game.

Don`t think it will work with the new 28GB update that was released today. He has older version of the game and steam has new version now.

I understand… but having the files should let me install somehow at least recognize the files I already have… but it has been impossible, steam sends me straight to download

that’s why you should NEVER pause when it’s that close to finish. either way it sucks that you had to start all over again.

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Yeah, i`ve learned my lesson that day :slight_smile:


pfff… the problem is the update, once you update steam or the game you lose the download… you always have to delete the automatic updates.

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i agree honestly. like i know it’s an issue that’s why i said you shouldn’t pause if you’re so close to finishing. imagine downloading an update then suddenly a new update is up and it ruins your progression of the other update and you gotta start from 0 again? let alone if you don’t have a high download speed. the pain!!!

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ufffff… :face_exhaling:

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