Problem with claim starter pack

I did buyed yesterday Vanquisher Starter Pack and gain Twitch drop, but I cannot claim it on Brelshaza server. But when I created other character on Sirius (where’s my friends play) then store and claiming works fine. But I didn’t, because I spend 3 days playing and wanna claim on Brelshaza character. Also please add transfer server in the future, because I like to play with my friends and don’t wanna start again whole game, beacuse I clean map and doing all quest. My steam accout is SzzzAK999 - Steam Community :: SzzzAK999
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Market place doesn’t work too. So maybe this is with that problem? Will you add transfer character to other server in the future and there will no problem with lost anything?

I don’t what to do. I can’t refund on Steam and don’t get any. Lost my money. What now, tell me please!

Store is working, my chest gone…

I don’t know what to do. Writing on Steam - no response. Where to report that. Chest was on account, but now is gone and can’t claim it.