Problem with Gold usage on Auction House

Hello, today I sold a Wingsuit chest so I had 25k gold in total. I tried to purchase 3 Grudge books but it only let me buy 2. So I tried to manually buy my last Grudge book but it wouldn’t let me. It showed i have 7.4k gold left but it says that in reality is only 2k gold left ? I thought it might be a visual bug so I hovered over my gold icon and It say that there is something called deposit ? and that I will get 5k gold in 3 days. What is this deposit? I never had this problem before. Also I do not use the currency exchange so it is not a witheld gold . I DO NOT UNDERSTAND !

Gold obtained from using a Powerpass or from Rapport NPC rewards are all restricted for 3 days, in addition to gold received from the Currency Exchange

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Masn is correct here.

Gold from Blooming Mokoko is restricted for 3 days as well.

This is also correct :slight_smile: .