Problem with my super express and powerpass

After spending 50 Euros for boosting an acc to play whit my friends, i did not receive super expres ot powerpasses the box is there but thpes no event and progress is 0. I wrotet 3 tickets to Amazon but i did not receive any response, so i am typing here. The situation is i cant spent the gold that i bought, i can’t boost so i can kill the bosses before the reset day… And now i read u cant be refunded because this is not oir policy. So guys if u want to play whit your friends choose another time, now everyone is busy and dont worry will disx you every 5 min…

If you mean the free power pass, you need to finish all the storylines till you reach punika and then you have to do a purple quest in punika to get the power pass. as for the gold you can’t spend it for the first 3 days hover over your gold with the mouse and you can see how many days left for your gold to be usable.

I saw all the videos and finish every ! In the game but the present :gift: is still inactive… the problem is really the super express i dont need. Second hero i need to boost this to 1445

I’m sorry I can’t understand what you mean. There are forums for different languages check if yours is included and maybe someone would be able to help you. Best of luck my friend

Thank you man appreciate!

So you bought punika pass for 50 euro and then honed said character past 1445? Then you didn’t get free punika pass so your second character is under 1302? Super express can be used only on characters in range of 1302-1445.
Or you used super express on wrong character? It can be used only once. In the past they offered ability to switch characters that have super express enabled, but I think that benefits given to second char were limited in such cases.

  1. I log in in the Neria server
  2. Create character
    3 boost it him to punica
    4 lvl my gear to 1370
    5 Finish all quests purple and yellow

The present box in game (event box) is inactive and when u press on the icon it say “there are no events” and on the progress is “0”

For your other question i dont have other characters it is only this.

did you select some character for super express already ?

Either way, make topic at game support section

I wrote 2 tikets to the support but no one Replay, i send them screenshot. I saw that i had to receive an window to choose which character to use the event but i did not receive anything after the boost. I wrote here just to see if i ak the only one whit this bug.

So i am waiting for an answer, but as i read they have big problems whit thr disconnects and maybe i will receive answer next year :smiley: Thanks allot dor the response guys.

If you finished a purple quest in punika called beaver’s friend you should receive a free power pass use it on another character and check what happens i think they brought back the old hyper express so technically we had 2 expresess at the same time maybe the 2nd character will solve the bug

make topic at game support, thats better

Thanks guys i will make the post there. Appreciate the help.