Problem with new classes

I used to have a lot of hype for machinist, summoner, and the 2 lolis but the game punishes you for using a new class. At this point every active player has at least 6 characters each generating bound materials and very important bound honor shards.

When these new classes are released, it is not effective at all to make it an alt and much less a main because you will end up wasting all the bound materials (specially honor shards) from your roster characters.

This affects more if you play with a group of friends, where everyone plays at the same pace, doing this will hold you back from the group in order to catch up in ilevel, or you could spend thousands in honor shards and materials but this way you are wasting gold that the group is not wasting thus increasing the breach.

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hmm i kinda agree with you. Yes it can be very hard to change to a new main but it’s all a matter of preparation and strategy.

i have had friends who completely rerolled into an arcana within 1 month.

Our current raid release helps a bit with that (we had a 3 month hiatus for kakul, and we will probably have another one until brel). If you save up your mats and prepare in advance it’s not really that hard to reroll.

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I kind of understand the whole thing of saving up materials, but where I disagree is that in order to save said materials you are not using them on alts. This affects your progression, any sort of way that you could think of about using one new class will affect your progression.

Let’s say you friend saved x number of materials for Arcana, those materials could have been used in alts, so instead of 3 alts in valtan normal he could have had 5 alts in valtan normal (hard, vykas, etc) He is actually losing more gold per week by saving the materials.

At the end it just feels wrong because you know it’s not effective at all to use a new class as alt or main

I see your point but you need to set some milestones in this game, you cannot have it all

If you are feeling bad about not wasting those resources on your alts you should think what you want to do with the gold you will make in the long run by lvling up those alts.

And on the other hand, main switching means you will have another class to the highest ilvl which means that you will have access to the maximum amount of gold you can make in the week (assuming you dont wanna get every single alt up to 1475 - for clown release)

At the end of the day, you should play what you enoy and dont pay so much attention to FOMO, i know people dont like the word FOMO, but at the end of the day this is literally fear of missing out.

Playing something you enjoy should be your priority.


I made artillerist when punika pass came out. I had quite a bit of mats to get it to 1410 day 1. Shards became my bottle neck but still got to 1492 atm. It was really a good time to main swap. I do feel kinda bad for scouter releasing with clown. Not the best time to main swap unless you banked a ton of shards/ghl

With the Scouter hype and the market inflation on GHL my group all sold our tradable, I even dipped into mule reserves. But personally all my alts use bound GHL to move, I’ve found most of my characters end up with an excess of bound GHL. Shards are the main bottleneck and I currently am sitting on a SH that just this week after about 2 month with these events will have enough to go to 1415 from 1370 as my 6th gold earner and in that time she has self generated enough GHL to accommodate. The gold per week is interesting because if I compare my regions current price (68-70) to what I can generate each day (~65) I can actually generate more gold per day just doing guardians then any of the raids pay out total (4485). These are all 1415+ though and each one used its own bound mats with the exception of red and blue stones.

I think a lot of it is understanding that there will be bottle necks and trying to amass bound mats on the character you know you want to push will benefit more than you think. If you’re going to race to 1475 on a brand new class that’s where it gets unreasonable and again it circles back to shards. There’s just simply no reliable way to freely generate account wide shards, everything else can be stored or stashed away without the use of BC or Gold. The only exception to this is every other day the chaos gates and you are guaranteed 2k-12k shards the more likely being the 2k. You need 240k shards bare minimum to go from 1370-1415, so a minimum of 120 chaos gates or ~240 days or 20 Chaos Gates or ~10 days if you somehow pulled legendary maps every single time.

TLDR: Shards are the bottle neck, so work on those while generating bound mats being GHL, Reds, and Blue from events etc.

I agree shards are the biggest problem. it just not effective to level up a new class once you already have 6 characters farming bound mats (specially shards). It just feels wrong, is not like other mmos where a new class only means to try it out and spend time, here you spend (exp in terms of mats) that could have been used in your already leveled up roster to generate more profit (weekly gold income)