Problem with new players not asking for help

What is it now with people not telling their group they are new and blindly going in, not doing any mechanics? Unthen even when you bring it up, they still don’t speak?

si si oui oui? No angliush?

we get embarrassed


Isn’t it more embarrassing to fail the mech 3 times in a row until you get noticed then get yelled at, insulted, and cause the group to disband having wasted everyone’s time?

People who need help should just say so at the start so someone can explain and everything can go smoothly. There are also less outbursts and people are more understanding of mistakes if they know it’s a new player…

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back when I was leveling an alt I watched a vid and joined the paradise abyssal
I told them I watched a video but it was the first time of me doing the dungeon
they immediately checked my roster 101 and stronghold which was 30 at the time then tried to call me a liar about not doing the dungeon before

we did clear no issue but maybe take people who do say at face value

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Completely agree with you, it’s pretty rare to meet someone who is not willing to help or atleast tolerate new players messing up. These toxic players are the exception, not the rule.

Some of it is language bound. I had a guy in a run not say anything no matter how much people asked them if they knew stuff. We end up being forced to quit the abyss dungeon. Some of us queue it up again, he shows up again for the same part. Someone else started speaking another language and he started speaking it. Though we still failed the run because I guess he still didn’t understand.

Yeah, there’s enough side content that you can completely avoid the T1 and T2 abyssal dungeons and still have a high roster.


yeah it was the alrics sanct one I always just did the first one when I running around in t2 on my main wasn’t for express I probably still hadn’t done it lol