Problem with Platinium Pack

I have Platinium Pack, but my Crystalline Aura is off (was ok 2 days, now its buged):
I have problem with reward window and error all the time:

What more I had “Crystals” and i no use any, but today when I star play, i had “0”, now i have 120, becouse i play all day:
On Twitch i had pack, but ofcourse not in game:
I have Amazon Game Gaming and rewards on webside, but not in game:

Sooooo many problems. It is sad that a person pays for something and cannot enjoy it.

Hello @Queskel,

I’m sorry to hear you are going trough this situation with the Crystalline Aura, at this moment our devs team are working to fix it so we appreciate your patience with this and also for joining us in this adventure to discover Arkesia!

You can find more info about this situation in the next post made by one of our community managers.

If I can help you with something else, please let me know!

Have a good day! :leaves:

“in-game store is currently down in some regions” My girlfriend is playing next to me on her computer and the same internet connection and everything works fine for her. I don’t think the region is the problem, only accounts. My is complitly broken. I lost all Crystals every day - it’s just reset to 0.

I wouldn’t worry - its temporary. As frustrating as it is. Mine just randomly returned after for the first time after everything disappeared 3 days ago :slight_smile: keep the faith!

Thanks. It’s always some consolation :wink:

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Hope it reappears soon!