Problem with rapport items on nia rapport line

server: sasha
character name: mamagui
region: Na East

I went to use 3 relic rapport (LInderte goblet) that i saved up after reaching 3100 Rapport rank so i can do 30k rapport rank to reach last tier of rapport level with NIA. So when i used the items they did not give me the full points neither lets me continue to do any emotes or songs or gifts. But should have been enough to finish the rapport quest point line 33k.

I dont know the Nia Questline, because I have been working on sasha and the like for the earlier ignea tokens, however there seems to be a quest at the bottom there, that is stopping you from progressing the rapport exp. I dont know if you are lacking the virtues to do that quest first, but it seems that is whats blocking you?