Problem with Server Merges in regards BLUE CRYSTALS

With the new server merges, crystal are being merged.
Meaning players affected by the merge can go over to another server and purchase the 1100 Royal Crystals for 2600 Blue Crystals 3 extra times total 4times!
Totally unfair that they are able to get the discount while those who do not get the merge do not enjoy such benefits!

If i am in server A i just need to buy them at server B & C & D and enjoy the HUGE Discount
Server A + Server B = Merged A - 5200 blue crystals
Server C + Server D = Merged B - 5200 Blue crystals

Merged A + Merged B = 10400 Blue Crystals.

This is so unfair

Such a big problem, wow

Don’t care, stan XQC

what are you talking about? the market is the same for every region and the buy is account shared

With the servers down, I was going to go read a book.


And now you practically gave everyone this handy information, so they can be perfectly prepared. So generous, thanks! :kissing_heart:

Some classic “if I can’t have it no one can”

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