Problem with shadow hunter

I am seeing a lot more of this class in the 1v1 ladder and they are extremely fast, it’s actually insane how fast they are. They’ve also got the ability to deal damage from ranged and close up. What is the best way to counter this class?

try to bait their ranged blade and dashes if you can…i have trouble with them even on blade they’re mobile af…they have like 3-4 dashes

Interesting. Do you notice that the faster you re act with your keybinds and movement the harder it is for people to touch you? Maybe it’s because I’m used to wow and being slow, focusing on things like cool downs and what I have to trade or kite, etc. With this game it’s like backwards lol. Just go all out

100% if i’m playing bad, slow, non-reactive/whiffing my skills i will get owned by decent players 9/10 times. bad players wont capitalize on my mistakes so i’ll probably win

but if i’m cycling my cooldowns properly, dashing properly, reactive especially with surprise attack then i’m much more successful

shadowhunters are really hard because i need to land a stagger on them to even have a chance and they’re really good at baiting my skills and staggering me from range then coming in

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My problem with Shadowhunter in PvP, is a Shadowhunter main, is that every single Shadowhunter is basically the same. There is one build. I also can’t tell if its a super easy class or not. Its so effortless for me. Then I try Wardancer is its soooo much harder. Im wondering, do I just vibe hard with Shadowhunter or is it truly a braindead easy class?

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It’s definitely one of the easier classes to play.

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Can you atleast tell me that Wardancer is a harder class to play? That would help me emotionally here, haha.

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Wardancer/striker have small hit boxes and lack of push immunity, very squishy classes and you have to really be creative with how you engage other classes, can’t be to obvious cause most players know you want to juggle them:/ important to note that shadow hunter doesn’t have a lot of push immunity either, but a lot of ranged pokes and good mobility. Some of the dash abilities make it very easy to connect to a target

I’ve been struggling with choose between the two classes. I’ve definitely noted all the things you’ve said and it helps to hear it from others. Landing their abilities and catching someone is pretty rough. They already don’t put out the kind of damage that I’m used to on Shadowhunter.

I imagine the Wardancer’s role is to be disruptive and provide support+damage. Afterall, we get shields and other things that boost ally damage. I compare my damage numbers on both classes and feel a little disheartened for my Wardancer until I realize shes probably not going to hit past 450k+ every game. Shadowhunter is like 650k/700k+ every game. Not even sure if the numbers matter to begin with.

countering hmm. depends on what you play xD
well, the general idea is this (idk the skill names so ill by their description)

they will rarely engage you in melee range and will usually just throw ranged skills at you, then get close for a combo.

1- they gonna shoot their spinning wheel thingie all the time at u. it causes stagger and if are close to them, they can combo u. its harder for them to engage u if they hit it at max range as it pushes u back a lil bit. you want to bait this skill.

2- some sh also pick the blue laser skill. they can engage more easily if they hit u, but if they dont, u can get something out of this depending on ur class (since they r standing up in place)

3- some sh also pick the spike ability that comes off the ground. it causes t2 cc if i remember correctly, so you can super armor and trade as they are kind of locked in place while using it. depending on ur class you might have to dash out, or dash in and engage. that skill is very telegraphed and its easy to avoid as long as you have anything that moves you out of the way (space bar or a dashing ability) so dont try to aproach otherwise, so you dont get cc’eed.

4- if they are dashing, they are protected iirc and they can change directions to make it harder for u to land skills. what i do is back off a little then hit them after they finish dashing.

5- their melee kit its just the same as any1 else basically, once they catch u, they combo u. its harder for them to start combos in melee since some of their stuff locks them in an animation and they get punished


What helps alot as well is knowing Cooldowns of some classes. In this case with SH once all movement skills and spacebar dashes are used they are extremly vunrable at that moment since theres only really 1 good offensiv skill left they can use to maybe defend themself since they have low amounts of super armor. SH kit is focused around being mobile and kiting youre opponent and slowly wearing theyre health down. They also lack big dmg spikes outside of demon form so alot of classes can just trade dmg and get out ahead of SH.

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I feel some may disagree. I think shadow hunter is an incredibly well-balanced mid-range fighter with close range knock ups & peel with their electrocute.

They don’t have a crazy amount of SA so they’re given speed.

That said, a skilled mid-range fighter can be a real pain & a half to deal with since they can also do great damage in melee.


most SH will play the same build with the only swapable skill being Cruel Cutter/Thrust Impact (for 1v1 situation, some will replace Grind Chain and Piercing Thorn with single target dmg, Slasher with electrocute tripod for example)

so they will have
1.Melee : Rising Claw (immune/knock) generaly to follow with Demonic Clone
2.Mid-Range/Range : Demon Vision/Grind Chain/Piercing Thorn to kite/poke/peel
3.Movement : Demonic Slash/Sharphed Cut/Spacebar to engage/disengage/flee
4.Big skill => Cruel Cutter : range in a line/bleed/boomerang and stagger effect Vs Thrust Impact : melee/aoe big dam explosion => it’s easier to land Thrust but staggering someone longer with cruel cutter can be nice too

Ppl struggling vs this class are often classes with build looking like BIG DAM / BIG DAM / BIG DAM / BIG DAM/ BIG DAM/ Oh i should pick a stun :frowning:
or ppl being so predictable that you can easily plan vision to stun them or thorn.
We don’t have that much dmg/big skill (except awakening like anyone…), but it’s really versatile and can adapt to a lot of situations.
And about the “every shadowhunter is like 650/700k” numbers don’t really matters in this game and the number is only big due to landing a good ult and not being ragdolled during demon form :wink:

About the countering, we are vulnerable :

  • if we are fleeing with Demonic Slash
  • during Sharpened Cut : no superarmor and it’s mostly played with the dash x meter and do spin attack tripod, so after the dash we are in the same place for almost 1 sec spining vulnerable
  • during Cruel Cutter/Piercing Thorn animations (no immune and if canceled/interupted, it goes on CD without releasing the axes/aoe) + for Cruel Cutter, if used too close from wall, boomerang doesn’t always trigger
  • during demon form, you only need to take care of the jump, if you dodge this a lot of classes can ragdoll us (absolutely no superarmor during demon form)
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I can tell you that almost every build has zero push immunity for a ShadowHunter. Only one abilities may have it and it’s only used in 1v1.

They have 2 spin dash abilities. One of them, sharpened cut makes them spin super fast. It does not have push immunity. However, the slower spin ability grants it.

If you want to smash a ShadowHunter you need to land your CC and they are pretty vulnerable to it.

too be fair, I don’t care much about the 1 v 1 mode. Just from the point of view of it. when a game h as too many skills and classes, balancing around 1 v 1 is REALLY REALLY hard. and some classes are always going to be better than others at 1 v 1.

Like league of legends for example, if they had a 1 v 1 mode, some champions are just better than others. so in Kr, and here, the 1 v 1 cannot ever be seen as competitive, and trying to balance that game around 1 v 1 is going to be extremely HARD for the developers, and it will probably end up also messing with other balancing areas of the game.

I personally like more the 3v3 mode, and this is where the E-sports live. everyone can be impactful, and your mechanics still matter, except it is easier to balance than 1 v 1s.

I main Berserker, and I do the 1 v 1 a lot for fun, a lot of times I was able to beat the whole enemy team by myself, but I know for a fact against some classes and good players, berserker for 1 v 1 is almost hopeless because the class has just too long cooldowns. it is just not suitable for 1 v 1s. Now if they tried to buff berserkers and shortened some of our big cooldowns, that would make the class extremely broken in PvE and the 3v3.

i agree