Problem with world bosses? Trying to do Caspiel

Haven’t managed to find Caspiel on Tortoyk Island. Seems like he isn’t spawning anymore? (I know the location). Met couple people who waited over an hour. :’)

Any tips or info on this? Sorry if there is something but I didn’t find replies. Thanks!

I don’t know if there is a bug, but there is a big problem with world boss for sure

Many high ilevels don’t tell when the world boss comes and they destroy the boss in few seconds. Last time, I came back to Tortoyk to kill Caspiel for its drop in a recipe. There were 2 channels, one person invited me in a group, we were each in a channel. This person told me after several minutes the boss appeared, I just had time to switch channel and hit a bit the boss, and he was dead like 4 seconds after my switch.

It’s frustrating and people are selfish with world boss, you can easily miss it

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Idk whats so hard there, just go to the spawn location most world bosses have 30min respawn time per channel.
Just watch Chat if someone writes he was killed. Note it and come back to the channel than.

I haven’t encountered any world boss bug.

But one thing for sure is that starting Caspiel people gets extremely selfish and will just swoop in (usually high ilvl), kill it and leave without announcing the boss spawned.

In my own experience, I haven’t see anyone actually wait beside world boss spawn so you probably just missed the spawn

Isn’t Caspiel the boss that drops a cooking ingredient for adventure’s tome? It only drops for the person who deals the killing blow. That’s why there will be always a t3 person killing it… Even at night when it should be quieter.

It does not drop for whoever deals the killing blow, there are no such mechanics in Lost Ark.

Dropped 3 or 4 times for me and I wasn’t even doing damage when boss died


Pretty darn sure as long you deal enough damage (1% of per say) you get the ingredient drop, for any boss related. Collectible is a whole another topic

Read here under “Where is Caspiel”: How to craft Half and Half, Dip and Pour in Lost Ark - Pro Game Guides

it’s still wrong info even if published on some random website


The material for cooking can dropped for anyone tagging the boss. I got mine from him after 2 tries. 30 minutes wait. I’m a 1325 bard and there’s a 1370++ zerker that also waiting for caspiel.
When he spawned the 2nd time. I tag him and the zerker use i don’t know what skills instakill him. And the cooking materials dropped for me.

I confirm. I just deal the killing blow (I was the only one at that time) and no ingredient drop. It even said in the chat that I killed it. So I do beleive it just luck even for Caspiel.

I’m just writing this to confirm, after multiple kills on multiple alts, the respawn timer is anywhere between 30-40 min and it doesn’t matter if you last hit or not.
I recommend for anyone with alts to kill it once on every alt as it’s a 100% caspiel card drop on your first kill, that is how you get your Forest of giants 9p awakening.

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Thank you for this :pray:

Caspiel spawns reliably every 30-40 minutes. I have been keeping track and got 3 Caspiel cards in 115 kills. But, you also get some good drops like Glyphed Stones and Pungent Scales, which sell for several hundred gold. Today, I got 990 gold for a Glyphed Stone.

Ooph, when did the Necrolord class release?