Problems after Vykas crash few weeks ago

Vykas crashed a few weeks ago, got a maintenance and is stable since. But there are still characters bugged e. g. two of my guildmates have their equipped (different) grenades bugged with 200 days cooldown (we did a guardian raid when the server crashed and they were on cooldown when it happened - I didn’t use mine and I got no cooldown bug) and all of us still can’t donate to our guild properly. We can only donate like up to 50/100 weekly contribution. Also guild research support gets stuck. So we can’t reach 100/100 weekly contribution without spending gold.

Is anyone experiencing the same issues?

weird bug indeed I hope you guys get your issue fixed soon.

yeah, my main chara that was actually online during the Vykas crash can’t donate to my guild. All my alts can, but not my 1398 main that needs the bloodstones for GHL…