Procyon and Sceptrum - English speaking?

Hi all, me and two friends are looking to get out of Zinnervale and we were wondering about these two new servers.

Have anyone of you created a character on these? Any inofficial languages speaking on them?


yea, they are english

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Quite hard to determine, , for instance here you can see that even on english servers there are many others scattered around. (If the link doesn’t work: optional link (bigger bulk of information) )

Or on the server Kadan it was at first planned (inofficially) to be for Turkey and Romanians more so. But it suddenly turned into PvP Hub and many english joined, too. By the way you can presume there would be an extreme amount of players (1. the headstart was a nuclear explosion, 2. the live release will be even more so), so just having one pvp server orientated server is not realistic - you could or should divide on 3. I don’t know why some people are scared about a lack of players. (from what I read). The release showed otherwise. (even only headstart)

Amazon should have really put in some orientation markers for the main languages (Fr,Spa,Ger,It/Pol), then 2x pvp (for people that prefer it), so that at least those don’t get to full,then the rest “free of choice” = international. There is a reason why I point it out - I don’t even plaay there - which is: The newer servers will be more obvious of who will go there, it will be less people scattered of those main languages and you can much better guess which server fits to you. And more likely find a server with your interest, even if it’s a very fresh one: As we find in these topics - no one has a clue who goes on these new servers. A few chats won’t give you reliable information. Not even to mention that chat channels are limited to a low number of users (of the many playing).

Well now… At least to me it’s not very funny being worried so much about the server choice. (I found this topic after all because of this). Especially when you know that many features you can buy - or turn in from your gold founder’s pack for instance - are only working for the chosen server… contrary to other western games where you would buy an account feature for your whole region.(which is not special but standard). So the server choice in LoArk is too important.

IMO it should just be fun, if you spend money, and not be worrying. Also makes the customer more likely to buy again. (no bad memories) Right now some things feel like a so called game play trap, not a real one, but ones that occure unintended by game design. You couldn’t know or you didn’t assume it would be the case based on earlier experiences with games. And because here in the west it’s much different for instance of how a purchase unlocks features for us (usually account wide) it then is surprising that the feature is only for the server only (or character) - (while it’s the opposite in Asian games, i.e. Phantasy Star Online 2, some others you won’t know, Aion.(iirc). Thus on the Asian Market people are aware of certain other designs they basically know or at least they will know to check if they care.
By the way: I know - of course - there are warnings before activating or turning in the feature, but at least you often make the purchases before knowing. (not the turn in/activation). Also you make the game play decision before purchasing, before knowing.
This all is not even written from my POV - I know the game from kr/ru - but in general of all users I read, and different chats and knowing western games.(on top of several chi,Kr,JP games)

Here are some quotes from other people:

having to pick server that will be probably filled with people that don’t use English but their own language won’t be fun experience

Don’t make the same mistake as I did and don’t bother with Wei. Played there for an hour, full Spanish in every area

This guy - I only found now after writing my - but great example of how terrible this feels to some people - Trapped and RLM investion “gone”:

Hello guys I start levelling Neria I claimed all my benefits from the packs, but suddenly I saw everybody is speaking Polish or Italian. There were no tags for which server is on what language area. So how I can know which server is English speaking based. And how I can transfer if this is even possible? Don’t want to end up in server with people who speak their own language and to be very hard to play in future. We are like 3 people at the moment friends who end up in this situation. We will be glad if someone from the staff is able to help us! Thank you!!!
(Eu server language issue!)

(many others scattered around or from live chats)

PS: I commented to help get a better view/awareness. Which was the main intend. Then I added feedback about the problem, coming naturally.

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They could be English today, German on Friday. Who knows? It’s all on AGS because we know our wonderful community managers brought it to their attention and they decided against suggested language tags because adding a few letters like (EN) or (FR) next to a server name was simply too difficult to do in such a short period of time. Plus, they might not have known that in Europe, people speak different languages and actually can be a bit hostile about their language. Based upon how things were handled in the other game that AGS is involved with, we suspect most people at AGS haven’t actually played an MMO before.


Let me know if you decide to join any of those servers as Kadan and Zinnervale are just impossible to join.

I just want to play the game but don’t want to be forced into a non English community as whats the point in playing if no one understands me. :confused:


Your best bet for English, if you really can’t get onto the English servers in EU, is to try US East. The ping will be higher, no doubt, but many people play on Russia with a higher ping without much of an issue. If you’re a top 1% PvP player that notices 75ms difference in ping, then perhaps you have to stick it out in Europe. Most people don’t really notice a modest increase in ping, but if you do then ignore it.

I’m on Sceptrum and most conversations in chat have been in English, few in German but overall English. Plenty of nice people , plenty of trolls. The usual really :smile: To be fair, if you are just playing with your friends anyway then I suggest you change, no queues so far (however be aware that queues are going to happen anyway upon F2P launch. )
Thats just the thing about being EU and not declared servers you are going to run into people speaking their native language… However there are plenty of systems in place for non english speakers to get chat groups going so the main language of the servers can be English.

Population wise it’s just fine right now. If you want to go and avoid the queues. I think you’ll be fine on either two.

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If the trolls are bothering you, be aware that it’s against the code of conduct and you can report them and they will be banned for a short time period.

Do not : engage in behaviors that reduce or disrupt the enjoyment of the game for others. This includes spamming chat, griefing, throwing matches, boosting, win-trading, trolling, or spoiling the game by sharing unreleased or confidential material.

Check my link. (see above your answer) it lists where english guilds are most.
Certainly stay on Europe, simply for the playing times, duh. You would regert this later. You can find the right one on EU. But by the way if not (like not certain), I would not worry too hard, simply wait a little or just play on(!) until we know better, much better than making the wrong choice. Especially keep in mind you can use Alts later to farm mats also for your other server character (…)

Simply don’t make any RLM investments yet: they are mostly server or character wise!!!

But I’d try Procyon if you want a low queue. Because the main languages (spanish french it/pol ger) are on those certain servers, as you can see i the list in the link. [Edit: Sceptrum seems to be english, too - I had several reads confirming.]

Anotherone that is low on queue that I heard uses fairly well amount of english is Slen. (while it’s mixed, it should still be considered)
(Contrary Calvasus is the 2nd french one it appears)

This is the current content of the link, if you couldn’t open it. (The reason for Procyon and Sceptrum not being on the list, because no guilds have posted about it , yet. So it’s at 0, 0 each. )

PS: Answering this has also helped myself (and friends) to make a better educated choice, now. Thanks for your problems(! honestly).

Thank you, I think I’ll join Sceptrum! Much appreciated!


@VonsXephin By the way, I have edited my post to including some small motivations.

PS: Thanks at @LylviaLumiere too, all information is helpful. But I read the same about Procyou, so from that both can be good. (or not be… see main answer in the start of this thread. Where I put the work in, to explain it.)


To be honest i think allot of these full server issues would be sorted if people had more guaranteed English servers to move to… so maybe someone needs to make a thread and basically advise which servers have alot of English speakers on that are not Zinnervale and Kadan

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We decided to move to Procyon, we´re just a bunch of friends who want to have fun together. Feel free to join the server if you´re an english speaking person.

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I’m currently on Sceptrum and i enjoy my time. There is no queue times which is great and there is active friendly English chat. As an EU server we have people from all around Europe. Ocassionaly people greet eachother with their own languages but it doesn’t last. We interact and help eachother in English.


We’ll know more after Friday. Until the Free to Play wave hits, any pronouncement about the dominate language is premature.

True. Official release may change the demographics drastically since it’s too late for developpers to attach language labels to servers.

They could have done it two weeks ago and chose not to do it. Still, it’s never to late to make the right decision and just try to clean up the mess they could have avoided. Instead I’m afraid they will dig in their heels and refuse they made a mistake.

agregame , me llamo randach si puedo ayudarte , encantado :slight_smile: