Procyon Compass is broken and misleading

How to recreate the steps: Just log in ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hi there,

I’ve encountered several misleading bugs, regarding the Procyon Compass.

The very first time I was getting ready to do a ghost ship my Compass told me I allegedly already claimed my rewards this week, when in fact I’ve never done a Ghost Ship prior, making this impossible.

Further, including the bug mentioned, the Compass would have me know I already claimed my Adventure Island rewards, just after the server reset happened, thinking this must be some lasting visual bug from the day before I decided to log in again later and check.

I logged in today again at 22:30, getting ready to prove the Compass wrong, I entered the Phantom Wing Isle, and lo and behold, I’ve actually gotten rewards, the blue Protection Rune & The Bounty Map, again, defying what the Compass would lead me to belief.

The Compass tells I claimed my Ghost Ship reward for this week as well, I am faily certain that I haven’t done one this week, since I’ve only done a single Ghost Ship, yet.

(I will update, in case I am indeed correct again.)

Here is a screenshot of my Compass, and my map reward in stash (I already right clicked the rune and sadly don’t have a screenshot from before I finished the Adventure Isle).