Procyon's Compass, Alarms, and Calendar timers not matching

Trying to track Procyon’s Compass for daily rewards, this is the goal I have been trying to do each day.

The issue is, Procyon’s Compass will gray out before the time for the event’s listed. If I go to the in game calendar, it will show the even still qued up for the time slot. However when trying to add the event into the calendar, it will say no events available/left to do. If I then go to Alarms tab, it will still show the even as about to happen.

Why do the three in game tools not line up with each other? Procyon’s Compass, Calendar, and Event tab.

Follow on question, I am on an EST server, Landon, and I live in an EST time zone. Are the time’s shown in game reflective of my time zone or a different one?