Product Inventory and Crystal aura disappeared?

After creating a character on the Brelshaza server and playing for a bit I was able to access some of my product items which i only managed to redeem my founders pack since it still was a bit of a buggy mess. After redeeming the 30 day aura and playing till late at night I decided to go and create a character on a my friends server Kadam since i would be able to play with them as well as see my product inventory as it was working on their server.

Upon creation I still had the 30 day aura on that server and was able to see that there were 4 or 5 items in the inventory which were a 5 day aura, the twitch pet drop, some shards of something and something other things. I decided to leave them in there since i thought that my friends may switch to my server due to the queues on the Kadam server and may use them on the Brelshaza server. Upon login today (13th febuary 2022) on the Brelshaza server, my aura has gone completely and all of my product items have gone from the inventory saying no items to claim and the marketplace is still “down for maintenance” since yesterday.

Please if someone knows what to do please reply or message me as i have been waiting for a while hoping it was just loading the data or something.

Hello @AssassinZz!

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I’m sorry to hear about your missing items.

We are aware that the in-game store is currently down in some regions, and are working to get this fixed.

Please also note that some items in your Product Inventory, as well as Crystalline Aura, may not appear immediately after logging in. There may also be a delay on the delivery of purchased Starter Packs. These issues will resolve as you continue to play, and your items will appear shortly.

Here is an Official post made by one of our CM: Regarding the In-Game Store & Product Inventory.

If you have any question let me know.

Have a nice day! :grin: :crossed_swords:


Thank you for the quick reply. As stated I had waited for abit but it was about 30 minutes and they still had not appeared which was why I had made a post. I will try again in a bit but if it does not appear still, what should i do?

Same here. My items appeared and i claimed but it didn’t come to my inventory even after a few hours

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I suspect that when the store is offline, the game can’t confirm the existence of any unclaimed items or the Aura subscription state (for whatever reason). So I think we just have to wait for the store to get fixed on the realms where it’s still down. the fact that it’s Sunday (and Superbowl Sunday in the US) may not be helping.