Product Inventory bug

Hello, I have bought starter pack and claimed a prize via twitch. Both of them didn’t drop in to product inventory. I see 6 items in it but when I open it, it doesn’t show. Help me please.

Name: Yovannie
Server: Zinnervale

and also when I reconnect it says now 0 items in your product inventory. I don’t know why.

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Same problem here, mate. I saw my items for a while (founder pack, aura, twitch drops), then swapped my characters, and they were gone. I messaged Amazon support, but no results yet. I want my promised second founders pack, but I won’t be able to claim it before the deadline—what a sh*t show.

Same here… cant receive Twitch Drops nor the stuff i bought with real money…

Its absurd how amazon can get away with taking peoples money without giving the product they paid for