Product inventory empty, items inside disappeared

7 items were there, now it is gone since last update

edit: also crystal is gone

Hello @Daenith,

I’m sorry your items and crytals are missing from product inventory.

EDIT - I would also like to highlight this as a known issue with DEVS and they are working on a fix as we speak

Before escalating this can you please try few basic troubleshooting steps see if it helps.

Firstly I would suggest you to verify integrity of game files on steam Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

Once this is done reboot your PC and restart the game after 10 minutes, see if it makes any difference.

If the issue still persists I would suggest you to contact live support Contact Us | Amazon Games so that the issue can be escalating to the DEVs team and also create a ticket for the same.

I hope this information helps!


It’s the same issue as everyone else, Crystalline aura not working + shop not working + product inventory not working + 0 blue crystals.

It’s not an issue with his machine or on his end. Kinda confused how this is not common knowledge by know within amazon (I mean no disrespect to you personally).

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Posting unhelpful boilerplate copy/paste nonsense like this only serves to further undermine any confidence the players have in AGS’s desire to run a successful game.


Hello @Elzheiz @Izeranee ,

I understand your frustration on this ,upon checking on my end this is actually a known issue and the fix is under works.

I would update here if i have any additional information on this.