Product Inventory Empty!

I haven’t claimend some things from my inventory like Platinum + Gold founders pack and twitch drops… they are all gone…


Mine too are missing. I had a silver and bronze founder pack in my product inventory as well as my twitch drops, now missing.

I logged in after hearing that servers were back up. I noticed that my product inventory was also empty (plat and twitch drops) and I freaked out and immediately went on to find if others were. While I was in the process of typing this out (with the empty product inventory opened), I received a system message saying that ‘A new product has arrived in the Lost Ark Shop’s Product Inventory’ and the inventory went from 0/50 to 9/50.
Hopefully it refreshes like that for y’all too ><?

There seems to be a delay for items and the aura, best bet is to give it a bit.

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What Laced said, stay a few minutes on a character and monitor your stuff, all my packs and aura came back and all my crystals as well.

I see I got it back thx!


I was in the same boat. I just got mine after waiting 15-20min while logged in.

My items still havent come back and I been waiting for 10 to 15 mins now

i have the same problem… i misss 2 crystal chest

yeah, same here. probably need to relog or something but dont want to get on queue lol

Same counts for me, some drops of twitch are gone and my platinum founders pack

okay i claimed the platinum package, but I can’t see the gold package and crytaline aura anymore… wanted to claime it before monday…