Product Inventory - Expiration

I’m trying to find an official answer regarding the product inventory, but can’t seem to find one.

Currently I have 13 items pending on my account product inventory, which I did not claim (this involves the second founders pack, twitch drops, etc.). It does not state anywhere if it has an expiration date. I claimed the celebration one, because on the Lost Ark official twitter it stated that it must be reedemed before a specific date, however, on the product inventory page it contained no date specifying this behavior.

I’m leaving those unclaimed because I’m playing in the region South America, as I live here now, but I’ll be moving to Europe in a few months, so I haven’t decided which server will I play when I get there, as most of the items are roster bound, I really want those twitch drops and some omen skins which I intend to buy later, to be used on the new server I’ll be choosing.

So the bottomline is, I need some clarification if the items on the product inventory expire, or I can leave them unclaimed for an indefinite amount of time.

Thank you!

Hello, @mennezes!

Items in the product inventory do not expire, unless there’s any timer on the description of the item that says otherwise, you can keep them unclaimed.

I’ll leave this post here so you update me whenever you try to use them after X amount of time, I hope I get an alert from you to tell me how it went! :smiley:

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Thank you for the clarification @Santoryu!
I’ll let you know here when I try to redeem them from the product inventory.

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Awesome, I’ll be waiting! :smiley:
Stay safe and enjoy the game! :facepunch:

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