Product Inventory not region dependent - claiming in not main region


I thought the product inventory is dependent to the region, so i claimed all items (celebration gifts, and additional package) on another region (europe west) where my main is (europe central) accidentally.

Also somehow I did not see those pacakages on europe central, they just appeared when i join europe west, otherwise I would claimed them already on europe central.

Can you help?

Kind regards

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Hello @Lyann!

I’m sorry to hear that you claimed the items on an unwanted region.

Unfortunately, once claimed, they will remain in said region, and depending on the item, also on will be bound on the server and/or character.

I deeply apologize for the inconvenience and hope you have a good day.

Hi Luxark,

thank you very much for your quick answer. Not possible to wipe char and resent packages to the other char?

Also it wasn’t my fault that it was not visible at Europe Central :frowning:

Kind regards

AG can do nothing, like with pretty much everything else. They can not even transfer items from one server to another in the same region like you would expect from a mmorpg support.

this is ridiculous ahahah every MMORPG could do that…

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