Product inventory not working/ can't claim twich fox

I started playing on the f2p launch. Since 3 days it is showing me red badge with 2 notifications that i have items to claim, when i go there it shows me that there is nothing there. Or one day it showed my my twitch fox i got and 3 days crystalline aura for maintnace but i couldn’t claim it. I contacted support and they said there is nothing they can do. I really want my twitch fox, what can i do? Anyone is having same issue?

There are many post about bugged twitch drops.
Try to unconnect your LA-Steam-Twitch Accounts and reconnect them. Most of the time it works and you can claim your rewards

And about your aura claim issue, if you could. Take a look at a new server, if the items appear and you could claim them, DON’T claim them. Open a post in the support section, that you couldn’t claim your rewards on the main server but on another one. So they can review the situation on your main server

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Thank you for your help a lot!!
Could you please elaborate on unconnecting accounts? Where do i do this? Do you mean unconnect Steam account from Twitch?

I’ll try my best to find the right walkthrough for you, but could take a few minutes, cus it’s super bowl tho x)

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Ty a lot! I also found something on forum that it is a problem with store/ product inventory in some regions and they’re working on it. But the post is from 2 days ago. I can acess shop either :frowning:

This is the official walkthrough, I hope it’ll help you to solve the issue.

If not, you should open a support thread or ticket again

The relog and restart shouldn’t be an issue now, cus the queues are 0 on almost every server atm

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Well mine issue is different from this guy bc i got the twitch drop on my account but i cannot claim it. I reloged several times in the past 3 days didn’t work :smiley:
Maybe I’ll really try with the support again. But thanks a lot for trying to help me :slight_smile:

It shows me one product (fox) top left but nothing to claim

Ah alright, my bad then x).

Got a similar issue with the claiming. Did you tried the second server thing I told you?
Just to check if it’s a problem on your main server?

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If I make character on new server do i have to go through entire prolog to check it?

Yeah…unless you skip the prolog, but you still need to go to all this non skipable sailing cutscenes until you can leave the ship and skip it x)
Oh and also you need to do the class test thing etc.

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Maybe I’ll try it tomorrow then ty! :slight_smile: :blush:

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You’re welcome…I’ll hope you will get your fox, it’s pretty cute tho x)

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